Cotton garments for children Children's sweatpants, Sweatshirts, Jerseys, Leggings and Shorts

“I appreciated your helpful service. My daughter is hard to size, but your customer service person helped me get the right sizes.” Rachel H., Carson City, Nevada

“I couldn’t believe how quickly my order arrived.” Thanks Fleece Farm.
Ann N., Edina, Minnesota

“I just love your girls leggings. My daughter has grown out of her size 6’s and now I’m ordering the size 8’s. Love the ribbed cuffs.” Carrie V., Buffalo, New York

“My son won’t wear jeans- he only will wear sweat pants, and yours are his favorite. He likes the cuffs and says they’re real soft. They’re not scratchy.”
Pam T., Denver, Colorado

“I must admit, I was afraid to buy white T-shirts and jerseys, but yours hold up so well and those dinosaurs and trains still look like new. Great quality.
Sandy B., Tarzana, Calif.

“Tamara just loves her puppy dog jumper and those silk screened doggie leggings. But I really need to have her let me wash them. She wants to wear them every day. I think I will have to buy a second set. Great clothes. Thanks.
Carol B., Saddle River, New Jersey

“It’s so easy to mix and match your outfits. Sure helped stretch my budget.
Sincerely- Amanda G., Tulsa, Oklahoma

“You sure know what little boys like.” Beth R., Flagstaff, Arizona

“As a single dad, I need a lot of help buying children’s clothes. Your service lady was great on the phone. It sure made my job easy. The kids love what I got them. I’m a hero. I’ll be back again.” Dan L. Pleasanton, Calif.

“”Just bookmarked Fleece Farm on my AOL Favorites List.”
Nicole A., St. Petersburg, FL

“”Wish you made Fleece Farm for big people!” Ann M. Worcester, Mass.

“What a great way to shop. I did all of Jennifer’s back to school shopping in about 20 minutes at Fleece What a time saver.
Mary Beth N., Arlington, Virginia

“The long sleeve jerseys are just a perfect weight. Love ‘em.
Dana V., Carlsbad, Calif.

“Love those designs. Keep ‘em coming. When are the jet fighter planes going to come out? Bonnie J., Brooklyn, New York

“My daughter will only wear Fleece Farm leggings. She says they’re so soft and not tight around her tummy….” Cheryl G., Troy, Michigan

“I wish there were kids clothes like yours when I was a youngster.”
Sheila P., Guilford, Conn.

“I’m so glad I found your website. All I wanted was some basic colors in girls bike shorts, and I couldn’t find them anywhere in a store. Thanks.
Laura D., San Diego, Calif.

“Thanks for the fast service and the availability of those white sweatpants and white sweatshirts. You saved the day for Kim’s school play.
Amanda P., Charlestown, West Virginia

“Great boys clothes.” Michael J., New London, Conn.

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