T-Shirt Race Cars Design

Race Cars

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Available on: T-Shirts, and Long Sleeve Jerseys for kids

Coordinate with: navy, black, evergreen or red Sweatpants for boys.

This is it! The checkered flag is up and the race has begun. These
unique race cars are off and zooming at over 150 miles per hour, right into your boy’s heart. What an exciting shirt in fabulous colors. Every young boys’ dream of being a race car driver is here. Is number 6 really going to sweep this race or can JFC’s number 77 make a last ditch squeeze play past KAM Oil and overtake big Red’s lead. Hard to say. But I’ll bet your boy has a thought or two about the outcome here. There are checkered flags everywhere and that checkerboard border design is enough to get the crowd excited., From the hybrid car designs I invented, to those waving flags, it was tons of fun putting this design together. I know the kids will have fun with this one.

Yup, Mom- bleach the white shirts if need be. The dirt all comes out and the hand silk screened designs never fade. Great for busy moms with messy kids.


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