Puppies Girl's Jumpers

Girl Jumper

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Available on: T-Shirts and Sweatshirts for kids.

Coordinate with:
Black Dogs on Red design Legging
Black dogs on white design Leggings
Red or black Sweatpants
Red, black or cobalt blue solid color Leggings
Black & white dogs on cobalt blue girl’s Jumper
Add matching Headband to complete the outfit

Make way. Here come the puppies. So cute and cuddly. It’s almost amazing that these 6 whipper snappers are all sitting so prettily. Either some one has done a heck of a good job with the “sit” command, or they just got done with a nice romp and are too pooped to pop. Or is it just the artist’s fantasy.
Whatever the case, this design is a huge hit with girls and boys of all ages. Of course, these pups need no paper training or walking or feeding: How’s that for Fleece Farm easy care!

Bleachable whites. Because we hand silk screen our designs, putting only the highest quality work into all of our products, there is never any fading, cracking or peeling of designs. The kids can be tough on them, and washing is a snap.

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