Leggings for Girls

Leggings for Girls

Girls Leggings
15 Cool Designs

8 Hemmed Ankle Solids

15 Ribbed Ankle Solids

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100% Quality Cottons- Soft and Durable
For: Fun - Dress Up - School Uniforms - Costumes
Everyday wear
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Dear Fleece Farm,
What a great place to find it all. Designs for fun, solids for my daughter's basics and even hemmed ankles for school.
Thanks,  Keri L;  Dallas, Texas

Our Leggings for kids come in a wide variety of designs.
Browse Our Solid Color Leggings

Browse Our Fabulous Leggings with Designs


Leggings for Girls

Why wear binding tights, when your kids can enjoy the breathable, soft comfort and incredible durability of our girls cotton leggings. Wear them under a dress, jumper, or long shirt. Wear them with a favorite pair of socks for a style statement. Great for school plays and costumes too. Tons of great things to do with this item. A must for all girls clothing wardrobes.

With Fleece Farm’s huge selection of 15 design and 15 solid colors (including white), we have all your kids clothing needs and desires covered.

Cotton leggings are so soft, and add warmth in cooler weather, while always being breathable. With no lycra- they don’t bind and don’t get the kids hot. They don’t get baggy, and when they go into the wash they regain their shape without shrinkage, too.

Leggings are also great under a jumper for those active girls in the school yard.

We are your ultimate source for quality cotton girls leggings at economical prices!


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