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Clothing for Kids

Available on: T-Shirts and Long Sleeve Jerseys

Coordinate with:
Black Stars on Red Leggings; Silver Stars on Black Leggings; Solid Red, Evergreen, Black, or Orange Leggings; Red, Black, Evergreen Sweatpants.

Here they are! Every child’s favorite bug- The Ladybug. Whimsical little creatures, who love to climb around on those green blades of grass. It may be a short glance across your garden or lawn but it’s a long journey for these little guys. Fun on a blade of grass- how marvelously sublime. You’ll note that we have included a couple of bugs who are extremely adventurous and are testing out the tippy top of a blade of grass, where there just doesn’t seem to be enough room for all those legs- a couple are just wiggling about in thin air. We had a lot of fun creating this comical picture and hope your kids enjoy the fun and bright colors. Oh yes, mom- go ahead and Bleach the shirts- the Ladybugs won’t mind. No color fade or cracking or peeling here. These bugs will stay bright and perky through tons of washings.

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