Jungle Design


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Available on: Long Sleeve Jerseys, Baby Rompers, Baby Sacs, Infant Shirts.

Coordinate with: evergreen, red or black Sweatpants; black stars on red design Leggings, silver stars on black Leggings; evergreen, red, black or marigold solid color Leggings; red or black Bike Shorts.

For both boys and girls. This is a very colorful, fun design with a whole bunch of animals poking their heads out from the jungle greenery to say hello. Who would ever imagine that all these guys could stand still long enough for me to paint their portraits. Well, they minded their manners and not one squabble was heard from anyone. Even the monkey business was held to a minimum.
So moms, if it feels like a jungle out there, might as well let the kids take part in it too. They can easily mix and match their own clothes here because there are so many great colors in the design.

And when its time to wash up that shirt- well- the beauty of white cotton will take a little stress out of the jungle world for you – just go head and bleach ‘em or put them in a load with oxi-cleaners. The jungle design will stay bright and the dirt and stains will all disappear. Cool, huh?