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Dear Friends,

A warm welcome from Fleece Farm to our family of satisfied customers across America. We take great pride in every high quality cotton garment we make for kids. We believe that clothing must be practical as well as fun and comfy to wear. So, we have combined our colorful original designs with cotton clothes that are well sewn, durable, easy to take care of, and economically priced. Every Fleece Farm Original Design is individually hand silk-screened to ensure unmatched, long lasting durability and brightness of color, without sacrificing the cozy softness of our carefully selected quality cottons from our East Coast mills. Moms take note:Every white cotton garment is BLEACHABLE (chlorine bleachable). That means all those nasty stains come right out. No Fuss. No Muss. Throw the garment into your bleach wash. It’s that easy!! And because of our designs are hand screened they will not fade, crack or peel.

We know that you will enjoy these cotton clothes for a long time to come. Thousands of happy customers tell us that their Fleece Farm clothes look brand new even a year or two later
when they pass them along to another child.

All of our clothes have been kid tested for comfort and durability. So, have fun, and dress your kids naturally, comfortablyand economicallyin the greatest clothes in the whole wide world.

"People constantly stop me to ask where I got Ashely her Cats 'N' Roses shirt and I tell them, you've simply got to go to Fleece Farm, they're the best."
- Susan & Ashley L., Seattle, WA
Remember...We have the highest quality clothes. Girl in Ballerina Sweatshirt
-Our prices are low
-Our service is
-Our Online Ordering System is
Shop at home with Fleece Farm 100% Kotton Kids.

Naturally yours,

Fleece Farm Kotton Kids

"The train jersey we bought 2 years ago has now been passed down to our youngest boy, and its still as bright and fresh as ever. I love this stuff. It's worth every penny and more." - Amy E, Redmond, WA

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Fleece Farm Kotton Kids
3524 58th Ave NW
Gig Harbor, WA  98335
Phone: 253-313-5940


The following children's clothing products are available from Fleece Farm
  • White leggings
  • Cotton kids clothes
  • Girls solid color leggings
  • Cotton girls clothes
  • Boys shorts
  • Girls white shorts
  • Children's tee shirts
  • Girls leggings
  • White shorts
  • Boys sweatpants
  • Girls cotton bike shorts
  • Kids cotton pants
  • Kids tee shirts
  • Girls cotton clothes
  • Girls cotton leggings
  • Girls cotton sweatpants
  • Boy's cotton clothing
  • Boys cotton tee shirts
  • Boys and girls tee shirts
  • Childrens cotton clothing
  • Children's solid color hoodies
  • Kids solid color hoodies
  • Cotton baby leggings
  • Long sleeve baby onesies
  • White baby leggings
  • Baby sweatpants
  • Toddler cotton pants
  • White toddler leggings
  • Cotton baby clothes
  • Toddler tee shirts
  • Solid color long sleeve onesies
  • White toddler clothing
  • White baby play clothes
  • Infant sweatpants
  • Cotton toddler clothes
  • Toddler cotton sweatshirts
  • Baby jumpsuits
  • Cotton sweatshirts for baby
  • Baby leggings in solid and designs
  • Kid's Hoodies for boys & girls






Conditions of Use : Clothes for Children from Fleece Farm