Horse Haven Design for T-Shirts Dresses and Sweatshirts

Horse Haven design for T-Shirts, Dresses and Sweatshirts

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Available on: T-Shirts, Ruffle T-Dresses, and Sweatshirts for kids.

Coordinate with:
White horses on jade design Leggings
Black horses on white design Leggings
Black, jade or white Bike Shorts
Black and white horses on periwinkle Jumper
Jade or red Sweatpants
Add matching Headband to complete the outfit

In peaceful and serene Horse Haven Valley, the rising sun lights up the flower filled meadow where horses grow up and live an idyllic life. The foals follow their mom’s every move, learning the ways of horseydom. A cool drink of water and the shade of an old oak tree on a summer’s day make everything just perfect.

When the kids come in from horsing around outside, if they’ve gotten themselves dirty, just grab those shirts and pop ‘em in the wash- even a Bleach wash. All the dirt will come right out and the vibrant colors will stay bright as new. Our hand silk screening assures that this picture will never fade, crack or peel.

Now as far as the kids go- you may have to corale them into the shower. It’s always a lot easier to get Fleece Farm Klothes clean than it is to get those little cowpokes clean.


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