Hood Costume Pattern

To make hood:

  1. Print this page.
  2. Determine the size in inches that you want the hood to be from top to bottom as shown in the below diagram with a tape measure.
  3. Divide the size by 14. This will be the size in inches of each grid square.
  4. Mark the grid intersections on the underside of your cloth. Each intersection should be spaced by the amount determined in step 3.
  5. Connect the grid dots with a yardstick, and draw the hood shape onto your grid.

As an example, if you want your hood to measure 12 inches then 12/14 = .857. Convert this into 16th of an inch by multiplying by 16 and you get approximately 14/16" or 7/8" so the grid lines should be 7/8" apart.

Attach Floppy Dog Ears at number 1
Attach Tiger and Bear Ears at number 2
Attach Bunny Ears at number 3

Hood Costume Pattern


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