Fire Engines

Fire Engines

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Kid's Clothing Design

Available on: T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Jerseys, Sweat Shirts, Infant Shirts, Baby Rompers, Baby Sacs and Onesies® .

Coordinate with:
Red, Black or Grey Sweatpants; or Black Dogs on Red Leggings, Black Dogs on White Leggings for girls.

They’re bright red, they’re realistically detailed, and they are on their way to save the day. Who doesn’t love those shiny Fire Engines carrying our great American heroes- the firemen. No dresser drawer is complete without our famed Fire Shirt. Kids just love ‘em. Fire Fighters from Redmond, Washington; Boise, Idaho; San Francisco, California; Tempe, Arizona; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Buffalo, New York and literally 100 other places big and small love the shirts and get them for their kids. As a matter of fact, the fire fighters always say they wish we made them in adult sizes for them too.

As always- Easy Care clothes- Bleachable- Durable Designs that never fade or crack or peel. Great for busy moms and active kids.


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