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Fabric Dyeing Tips

We recommend RIT dyes to get good results.
Fiber content will affect true color.
Easiest fabric to dye is 100% cotton.
Wear Rubber gloves to avoid staining.



  • Washing Machine - Most convenient.
  • Stovetop - For very dark colors like black, where the amount of fabric will fit in a large pot.
  • Sink or Bucket - Suitable for small or delicate items being dyed a light color.


Washing Machine Method:


  • Take 1 package or a ½ bottle of RIT dye (2 packs or a full bottle will give a full color particularly for medium, bright or dark colors) and place it in an old sauce pan with a quart of water (1 pint of water per package used).
  • Place sauce pan on the stove and heat it up, stirring while it heats. The purpose here is to totally dissolve the dye into the water.



  • Fill your washer with hot water (140 degrees is best for dark colors), add the dye/water from your saucepan, plus a splash of vinegar to help set the dye, and turn on the agitator for several minutes- to mix in the dye solution.



  • Take a piece of rag and put it in the washer for a few minutes. Pull it out and look at the color to see if it’s what you want. If its too light then add more dissolved dye.
  • Never add more than 4 packages or 2 bottles per washer load when dyeing a large amount of fabric.



  • Turn machine on again, and let it agitate for another 3 minutes. --This will assure that all the dye is thoroughly mixed in.
  • Never pour dye directly on fabric.



  • Wet the garments to be dyed and place them loosely into washer and turn machine on.



  • Take garments out of machine after the cycle and either line dry or put in dryer.
  • If you use the dryer, be sure to wipe it out with a bleach cloth after use to remove any dye.




  • Fill washer to highest water level.
  • Add a small amount of detergent plus a cup of bleach.
  • Run a complete cycle.
  • Finish by wiping the top of the tub and inside lid with bleach.
  • Clean out lint trap.
  • Plastic or rubber machine parts may be tinted but won’t stain future laundry loads.
  • Clean up saucepan and any other items used.

We offer the following pre-dyed clothing:

Sweatshirts    Sweatpants     Leggings

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