Emergency Vehicle Design for
T-Shirts and Jerseys

Emergency Vehicles design for t-Shirts and Jerseys

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Available on: T-Shirts and Long Sleeve Jerseys

Coordinate with: Cobalt blue, red, black or navy Sweatpants

Coming through! Make way! Through the air and on the ground, the Emergency Vehicles are on the way to save the day. Now this is a shirt every boy has got to have. A wonderful assortment of the most important pieces of equipment needed to save lives and keep us all safe. Boys just adore the Coast Guard helicopter with its emergency basket being lowered for action. Of course, there is something about a big police motorcycle that always can catch a youngsters attention, too.

We’ve caught the attention of many a Paramedic, policeman and fire fighter who has seen this design and has to have it for his or her kids or little nieces and nephews. You don’t see many shirts around with this collection of equipment. So be sure to put a smile on your youngster’s face with this great design.

As we always say: it will be as big a hit with busy mom as it is with the kids. Our white garments are perfect for busy moms with messy kids because all the dirt comes out in the wash- and the designs stay perfect- never fade-never crack-never peel- Go ahead and even Bleach ‘em. Our shirts are of the highest quality and our hand silk screening ensures long lasting, beautiful designs.


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