Dinosaurs T-Shirt & Sweatshirts


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available on: T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

coordinate with: Red, Black, Cobalt Blue or Jade Sweatpants

Watch Out! Those big teeth on Mr. Tyrannosaurus Rex are mighty sharp. That’s why the kids call him ‘Shark Tooth. Of course it takes a lot of nerve to challenge him, but Triceratops seems to be the one to do it. Perhaps, it’s because he is so blue. Now on the quieter side we have our munching Brontosaurus and thirsty Stegosaurus to round out the picture. But, beware everyone, the volcano is coming to life again warns the Pterodactyl.
This truly bright and busy dinosaur scene is a delight to both boys and girls. We are always amazed that the kids can easily identify the different creatures, and then very often, they launch into an imaginary story about dinosaurland.

These guys may be big and tough, but you can take acre of them easily in a Bleach wash. Never fear- unlike the real dinosaurs, these won’t fade away or crack or peel. A testimony to the hand work of Fleece Farm artists. Each shirt is individually hand silk screened, unlike mass merchandised, machine printed store bought shirts. You’ll see the unbeatable quality and low price.


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