Cows Design for T-Shirts, Jerseys and Baby Clothing


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Available on: T-Shirts, Infant Shirts, Long Sleeve Jerseys, Baby Rompers, Onesies® and Baby Sacs.

Coordinate with:
black cows on white Leggings, black cows on red Leggings, black stars on red Leggings, silver stars on red Leggings; red, black and yellow, solid color Leggings; red, or black Sweatpants; red or black Bike Shorts; Cow Jumper; add a matching color Headband to complete the outfit.

These whimsical cows were the very first design from Fleece Farm many years ago, and has endured as our biggest seller. We have seen more colorful cows walking around than any other design. When we began as a home party company in 1990, we would sell tons of them to teachers and moms in adult sizes (sorry, we don’t make adult sizes anymore) and all their kids. We’d see cows on loads of kids in the malls. Schools would call us to find out about our cows. Moms would wave and show off their shirts at our Home Party trucks as they went by. It was truly a phenomenon. It continues today with the kids.

A cows jersey and a pair of black cows on red design leggings is about the cutest outfit in the world. For boys they wear it with their red sweat pants and look great.

For boys- For girls- For babies- For toddlers- For Youth. Ya gotta have one.
You can be the proud owner of the only herd of blue, yellow and red cows in the world. Why that’s better than a herd of Black Angus cows or Guernsey’s. And a whole lot more Fun!

That’s right- Bleachable Whites. Non Bleed solid Color garments. Tough, durable artwork designs. No fading- no peeling- no cracking.

Get one now.

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