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Costume Making Made Easy

  • The foundation for many costumes, particularly animals, can be as simple as a Sweatshirt, Leggings, and/or Sweat Pants. From that starting point you can add a tail, ears, a head, or any other elements that you need.
  • Dye, paint or decorate your foundation garments, match a top and bottom or contrast them as you need to.
  • Your child will feel just as dressed up if you augment this foundation. Of course there are costumes requiring other materials and garments to work with. Be creative and work with simplicity.
  • You don’t need to be an expert seamstress to make a costume. You can use glues, safety pins or simple stitches to attach parts of the costume.
  • A note: masks are often hard for kids to deal with. They can be uncomfortable, and they can cut down on a child’s field of vision- making it a safety issue. Many kids dislike the awkwardness of a mask and are constantly adjusting them- until they finally just pull them off.
  • Consider using face paints, eye liner pencils for whiskers, re lip liner for freckles.
  • Have fun making a costume and remember you want your child to be comfortable while wearing it.



  • Leggings, Sweatshirts, Sweat Pants
  • Towel for a hood
  • Gloves for paws or to cover up hands
  • Ski cap, baseball cap (can remove peak)- attach ears or antennae to
  • Headbands- plastic or metal- cover with fur or material- attach ears to it
  • Socks for paws on hands or over shoes
  • Scarves, boas can embellish a princess outfit
  • Pom poms for the ends of bug antennae or for a nose or such
  • Old buttons to decorate with
  • Rafia- great for making hair or a straw look
  • Long strand mops for a wig
  • Paper bags for masks or cover shoes to look like paws
  • Plastic nail tips for claws
  • Aluminum foil to cover surfaces to look like metal
  • Coat hangers are great for fashioning wings or other structures
  • Pipe Cleaners for antennae or many other uses, also as fasteners
  • Cotton batting for stuffing
  • Paper plates for masks or big polka dots
  • Craft foam – ¼” thick
  • Cotton Balls- noses , wool on a sheep
  • Face Paint
  • Eye liner, lip liner for face painting freckles and whiskers
  • Felt tip pens, permanent marker pens
  • Fabric paints
  • Spray paints
  • Spray hair dyes
  • Fabric glue
  • Hot glue gun – very easy to work, hold well
  • Spray glue
  • Fabric Glue – Plaid tacky glue
  • Tag board, tracing paper, color construction paper, poster board
  • Needle and thread
  • Unique Stitch- great product- sewing with a tube of glue
  • Rags
  • Anything in your closet

These are just some of the tools and material that can help you.

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