Children's Clothing Designes

Available on: T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Jerseys, Sweatshirts, Infant Shirts, Baby Rompers and Onesies®

Coordinate with: Red or black sweatpants.

Over the years this has been our all time favorite boys’ design. Every boy loves big, heavy duty construction equipment, and here we have the most popular diggers and workers.

It must be in the genes for boys, since every one of them is drawn to our colorful design like a magnet- and no matter what age- from babies to 10 year olds. They sure can identify with all things construction. Here’s the best of it.
Now, try to get your youngster to take it off. He may never want to remove- he’ll want to wear it every day. The boys just fall head over heels for our fun designs as they dream of operating one of those big machines.

Easy care- Bleachable. Designs won’t fade or crack or peel.

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