Catch A Falling Star Design for
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Catch A Falling Star

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Available on: T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Infant Sweatshirts, Infant T-Shirts, Baby Rompers, Onesies®, Baby Sacs

Coordinate with: red, jade, yellow, periwinkle solid color Leggings; white stars on periwinkle design Leggings, black stars on red design Leggings; red, black or jade Sweatpants.

Ever wonder where starfish come from? Well, here’s our science lesson of the day (according to the Fleece Farm storyteller). When stars fall from the sky, they land in the ocean, and as they slowly sink to the bottom of the sea, they begin to change and by the time they hit bottom they have turned into starfish. Take a close look at the picture. See? It’s all there. Now Mr. Bear would like to catch a few falling stars- perhaps he can put them in his pocket for a rainy day. At any rate he has found it even more fun than fishing for fishes.

This timeless design is so very popular for infants and toddlers. Girls really love it too, with a coordinated legging.

Moms, you’ll love the easy care that comes with all of our white shirts and garments. Go ahead- Bleach ‘em. No fading, cracking or peeling. Just long lasting, soft, comfy wear.


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