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Monster Trucks T-Shirt

Monster Trucks T-Shirt

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Available on: T-Shirts and Long Sleeve Jerseys
coordinate with: Red, Cobalt, Navy or Black Sweatpants

Yikes! It’s time for the awesome, the fabulous, the Monstrous, the amazing MONSTER TRUUUUCKS! Now your boys can enjoy all of those gigantic machines with those humongous tires and bright colors. They roar- they jump- why they almost seem to defy gravity.

Sasquatch, Mike’s Monster Mash and Big Thunder battle it out in all their glory. Your boys will love the action and the fun of one of our most popular designs.

And Mom- you can watch that big smile beam on your child’s face as the Monster Truck Rally come home to you. But you won’t have to worry about the deafening roar of thunder, and all that dirt and grime which willstay right on the shirt until you handily throw it into the wash. Go ahead and Bleach ‘em or “Shout” (add the R or TM next to product name) it all out, if you need to. All the dirt comes out and those trucks keep grinding along- bright as ever.

Hand silk screening makes the difference. At Fleece Farm we print one shirt at a time, unlike the mass marketed store bought shirts that are machine printed. Our careful hand work assures no cracking, no fading, no peeling. So go on- head out to our Monster Truck Rally and watch your youngster beam with joy.

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