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Basic Animal Parts for Costumes
Animal parts for costumes

THE HEAD – using hood pattern

Fake fur fabric
Sewing machine or needle and thread


  • Use the hood pattern provided. Print it out and trace a template.
  • Cut out 2 pieces in fur fabric.
  • Sew 2 pieces together, leaving the bottom open to slip hood over your child’s head.
  • Add the appropriate animal ears by sewing or hot gluing at indicated spots on template.
    (see ear making section)

THE HEAD – Towel Method

1 towel
1 wash cloth
1 piece of wide ribbon – 28” in length. Match ribbon to towel color
Marking pen
Needle and thread
Face makeup


  • Lay towel flat.
  • Fold one long side up 4 inches and glue or tack it.
  • Put towel around child’s head with fold inside at front.
  • Tie ribbon around neck to hold towel in place.
  • Use a marker to draw lines on top of towel where ears should go.
  • Remove towel from child, maintaining the fold.
  • Make cuts where ear marks are.
  • Take wash cloth and cut it in half.
  • Fold each piece in half. Each will be an ear.
  • Place folded cloth in front of you on table. It should be in the shape of a diamond with one corner facing up.
  • Fold left and right corners to the center.
  • Now take the towel and push each ear from inside to outside through the holes you made.
  • Sew or hot glue the ears in place.
  • Place towel with ears back on your child’s head. Use ribbon around neck to hold it in place. Tuck the extra towel down into shirt collar.
  • Apply face paint to create the animal of your choice. (with these ears a lion, cat or dog will work)

THE EARS - using pattern

Ear pattern (provided here, see below )
Pink felt
Fake fur fabric
Needle and thread or fabric glue or hot glue
Velvet covered headband

  • Select pattern for the animal you want Print out pattern and adjust to size.
    Choose from:bunny, tiger, bear, pig, sheep, ewe, cat #1, cat #2, floppy dog, dog #1 or dog #2 .
  • Trace and cut out an ear template.
  • Pin the template onto a double layer of pink felt and cut out ear shape.
  • Remove pattern and pin felt to the back side of the fur fabric. Make 2 ears.
  • Stitch the two pieces of material together. Do this for each ear.
  • Stitch bottom edge.
  • Stitch ears or hot glue them to the velvet headband.
  • If you are making big ears, put a popsicle stick in between the felt and fake fur with some glue. That will help make them stand up if needed.

THE EARS - easy alternatives

  • Instead of fake fur and felt, you can cut the ears out of ¼” thick craft foam or tag board. Leave tabs at bottom of ears and hot glue ears to headband.
  • How about using a pair of socks as ears and sew them to a hat or hood. Now that’s very easy!


Fake fur or any fabric you choose – 28” for long tail, 12” for shorter one
Cotton batting Needle and thread or a fabric glue or hot glue
Thick wire if you want to make tail stand up or curl

  • Cut a 5” wide strip of fur or other fabric to needed length.
  • Lay material flat and place cotton batting along length of material.
  • Take a piece of wire the length of the material, put a loop at each end and lay this on top of the batting.
  • Add another thin layer of batting.
  • Fold material over and stitch or glue along the edge.
  • Stitch ends closed.
  • Stitch tail to costume.
  • Curl tail into shape you want.

THE TAIL – easy alternatives

  • Make a tail from thick rope.
  • Make a tail from a stuffed sock or a leg from a legging.


Paper, pencil
Fur or other appropriate material for paw pad
Plastic finger nails
Dowel Fabric glue or hot glue

  • Clench your fist and place it with the back of your hand to paper.
  • Trace around the clenched fist- This will be the under pads of the animal’s paw.
  • Now do the same with the other hand.
  • Now use this pattern to cut out 2 fur patches if you want to put it on the back of your gloved hand. If you want them to be pads, use a pink and grey material .
  • Glue patches to glove as described.
  • Take plastic finger nails and trim tips as desired.
  • Insert dowel down 1 finger to the end.
  • Hold it in place as you glue a nail on. The dowel will make it easier for you to press against.
  • Now do this for all fingers.
  • You can paint or add nail polish as desired.


2 Wire Coat Hangers
Masking Tape
1 Large pair of white leggings or stockings
Safety Pin

  • Place 2 wire hangers on a flat surface with the top bends over lapping each other.
  • Wrap masking tape around the necks to hold them together.
  • Cut legs off a pair of large white leggings or stockings.
  • Cover each hanger with one leg (slip hanger inside).
  • Tie stocking legs together in the middle, by the hanger necks.
  • Use a big safety pin to attach wings to back of costume.
  • Put glitter on wings if desired


Fabric or Craft Foam
1/4" thick foam to pad wings
19 gauge wire for wire edges
1/2" wide elastic for harness
Hook and Loop tape

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Pattern 4

Flower Headband and Collar

Tag board or Craft Foam
Head Band

Flower Headband details.
Flower Collar details.

  • Use tagboard or craft foam.
  • Cut pattern.
  • Cut along tab lines.
  • Fold tabs.
  • Glue tabs to headband.

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